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EquaMetrics (blog):  
... empowers users to design, test, and deploy complex trading algorithms without any programming or mathematical knowledge whatsoever.
ETFReplay (blog):  
... is a research, analysis and backtesting website for Exchange Traded Funds.
Marketcetera (blog):  
... provides you with the agility to implement your new strategies in moments, even while you reduce your infrastructure costs. Download. Run. Trade.
OpenGamma (blog):  
...provides technology for financial institutions to improve analytics calculation and delivery to front-office and risk users.
QuantBlocks (blog):  
...focus on making it easier for traders to backtest and refine their strategies with absolutely zero programming.
QUANTkiosk (blog):  
...hosted data and analytics come ready to use with prebuilt integration to the tools you already use — be it Excel®, MATLAB®, Python, Perl, or R. ...RESTful API.
Quantopian (blog):  
...a platform for you to build and test trading algorithms. You don’t have to be a professional quant to get started.


Kirk Wylie (OpenGamma CEO) (KIRK'S RANTS):  
I code. I used to be super-hardcore in silicon valley. I moved to london, sold out and worked for financial services companies. Now back to the startup life. Here's where I rant at nobody in particular.