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Launch: Taqtiqa Blog


I am very happy to announce that this is the first official output from our startup Taqtiqa. In that sense we’ll consider Friday April 6, 2012 as the Taqtiqa birthday!

We cannot say much about what is happening behind the scenes, except that development is proceeding rapidly. In the meantime I’d like to give you a flavor of what you can expect our blog posts to contain.


The target audience is anyone interested in technology and financial markets. We’ll assume a reasonable level of technical sophistication. What that means is: Anyone comfortable writing bash or DOS scripts, R-project code, SAS procs, Excel macros or Visual Basic, will be comfortable with the content of this blog. Not all posts will be technical.


Our intention is to write about:

  • feature announcements
  • interesting uses of Taqtiqa
  • technologies of interest to our users
  • new ideas (not limited to financial economics & markets) of interest to our users
  • the reasons behind a design or business decision
  • issues that will affect our customers or business


We love feedback, but you will notice there is no comment section at the foot of this blog post. I will write another post about how we will make it possible for you to discuss topics in a way that builds the value of your intellectual capital (IC) and allow that accumulated IC to follow you, rather than leave your insight stranded on someone else’s website, as the proverbial hidden-needle in a haystack of comments.


We will always strive to keep the signal:noise ratio high, so we will not be posting at a fixed frequency (e.g weekly, monthly). We’ll canvas ideas in code (before trying this code, make sure you have espeak installed):

$ sudo apt-get install espeak
sing-it espeak
#!/usr/bin/env bash
espeak 'Happy Birthday to you.'

We’ll sometimes cover interesting variations of the same idea, and use third party services when they add value, such as Github gists:

Staying up to date

One constant in the finance/startup/tech-world is the rapid pace of change. I am also aware that too much of something becomes irritating, so we will update an existing post rather than create a new post that only provides a small, albeit important, detail about an existing topic.

You can track our posts using our RSS feed: http://feeds.taqtiqa.com/taqtiqa

Our feed allows you to choose how you are notified of a new blog post, e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


Overall the content of this blog will focus on what is relevant to our users.